Zeco Schoolwear

Garment Care

A guide to prolonging the life of your sweatshirt

How to

wash sweatshirts without pilling

While our sweatshirts are made with anti-pill technologies, some pilling may still occur. Here’s how to prevent sweatshirts from pilling in the wash:

  1. Turn the sweatshirt inside out.
  2. This prevents excessive abrasion to the surface of the fabric from other clothes, zippers, and buttons.
  3. Use liquid detergent. Powder detergent rubs against the fabric as it dissolves making it more likely to cause pilling during the washing cycle.
  4. Wash on delicate and no hotter than the recommended 40 degrees.
  5. Avoid using a dryer and lay your sweatshirt out flat when drying to avoid stretching.

Washing instructions can also be found on the inside label of the garment.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Before wearing a sweatshirt for the first time, it should be washed inside out once to remove any excess fibres from the inner fleece.

Do not use fabric softener

Fabric softeners, harsh cleaners and bleaches can weaken the fibres of the sweatshirt and induce pilling so they are best to avoid.

How to

Iron a sweatshirt

Acrylic is a very durable fibre which holds its shape well and resists shrinkage unlike cotton rich fabric. However, it is also heat sensitive and should never be in contact with a hot iron:

  1. Turn the garment inside out.
  2. Set the temperature to a low setting and do not use any steam.
  3. Place a dampened cloth onto the garment and press the warmed iron onto the cloth. Rather than moving the iron back and forth as in typical iron motion, lower the iron and then lift.
  4. Once you have covered the entire area of the cloth, move the cloth to a new area and begin again.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Make sure the garment is completely dry before ironing to avoid damage and misshaping.

How to

Remove pilling from a sweatshirt

While this isn’t as much of a problem with newer sweatshirts, you may have old ones that need pilling removed. There are several techniques, and the least harmful to the material include:

SCISSORS: Simply trim off the pilling without getting too close to the sweatshirt itself.

DUCT TAPE: Dab the sweatshirt material with the sticky side of duct tape. The pilling will adhere to the duct tape, removing it from the sweatshirt itself. If any small pilling is leftover, cut them off using a pair of scissors.

How to

Fold a sweatshirt

Sweatshirts tend to be on the heavy side, and pool weight to certain spots when hung causing their shape to distort. That’s why we recommend folding instead.

Here are some tips to reduce the risk of wrinkles and creases when folding your sweatshirt:

  1. Fold the sweatshirt in half, and smooth out any wrinkles.
  2. Fold the sleeves back into the body of the sweatshirt, so the sleeves are pointing downward.
  3. Fold the sweatshirt in half so that the sleeves are now at the crew neck sweatshirt line.
  4. Fold all remaining sweatshirts in the same manner.